Some more of the enchanting beaches of Corfu – The Best Part

In the Part 1 of the Corfu Tour we mentioned the most important attractions that you must see when coming to Corfu. In the Part 2 will be dedicated to its beaches. Since it is impossible to mention all the beaches of Corfu in one article, we will conclude in this article our mention of some of the best beaches of the island. We briefly describe each one so you can choose the ones that are closest to your own entertainment needs. After all, our services are personalized and always have as a guide the best possible service for you.

Some more of the enchanting beaches of Corfu this time are:


Firstly is a large sandy beach with shallow sea. Aside from water sports, it offers many opportunities for hiking, horse-riding and excursions to the surrounding areas. The sunset in the nearby village of Afionas is breathtaking.

Agios Georgios Pagon

Secondly, a beach shaped like a horseshoe, surrounded by rugged cliffs that descend to the sea, creating isolated coves. It is deep to the right and warmer and shallower tot left, perfect for children. It’s worth taking a ride with boat, canoe or paddleboat to the natural bay of Porto Timoni. At this point, you’ll find snacks, food, cocktails and water sports.


A thin strip of land separates the beach from the protected Korission lagoon. In order to walk across the wooden bridge to a rare forest with cedars and orchids. The wind and waves in the area make Halikounas an ideal kite-surfing destination.

Agios Georgios South

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Crystalline, refreshing sea and a beach 8km long. In the northern part, you’ll find Issos beach with its sand dunes, extending as far as the cedar Forest of Korrision Lake. In the southern part, there are two successive beaches, Marathias and Agia Varvara, perfect for paragliding, scuba diving and other sea sports.

Apraos or Kalamaki

Sand onshore and shallow water for several meters into the sea. Anyone who wants to swim in deeper water must walk along the wooden pier. It is one of the best beaches on Corfu for children.


Also a deep bay with a small sandy beach encircled by green, steep hills. Restaurants, bars, shops and hotels ensure that you’ll have everything you need.


In case of Cavo Bianco of the Venetians is today a popular destination for young tourists from all over the world, as the fun at the bars and beach bars begins in the morning and lasts well into the night. It is shallow and fully-equipped with facilities and opportunities for boat excursions to Paxos island and Parga, on the mainland.


Crystalline sea and a hospitable beach across the length of the bay. Whichever lounge chair you choose to sit at, you’ll enjoy beach services of the highest standard.

Agios Gordios

An endless beach of golden sand, as well as pebble and crystal-clear water. To the left, there are steep vertical cliffs with dense vegetation and the rocky islet of Tholeto. But there are fully-equipped facilities, including water sports, restaurants, bars and boat rentals.


Oblong, with pebbles and a view to the mountains of Albania. In the distance, there is a platform to dive off or to use as a starting point for your favorite water sports.

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Finally, to the left flows a small river and to the right there is a lush, green hill. With plenty of taverns to choose from and with sunbeds and pedal boats to rent.

After all book your Corfu transfer, choose the beach(es) you want to visit and everything will be taken care of by All Corfu Transfers.