Exploring the new habit of tourists visiting Corfu. Why do they prefer transfer?

In recent years, the trend of tourists visiting Greece in general and Corfu in particular, has changed.The tourists that visiting Corfu prefer to transfer with a luxury car.

What doesn’t change is the destination. The Greek Islands are always in the first preferences. And especially Corfu!

Tourists prefer transfer in Corfu because can a break from everyday life, the thirst for new images, new tastes, new smells, new acquaintances.

In order to enjoy this experience to the fullest, to immerse themselves in the culture of Corfu, which is also very special, they have changed their habits.

First of all, many prefer to travel in larger groups, either friends or families.

Second, they prefer to stay in a rented house instead of the hotel which is more impersonal and cold.

Thirdly, they prefer the transfer in Corfu to visit with the comfort offered by a luxury car and the certainty that they will see what is really worth seeing in that particular place (monuments, museums, attractions, etc.) and the certainty that they will do what is worth seeing do by visiting that particular place.

Our professionals drivers are locals, so they know all the different routes towards your destination ensuring that they will take the one that is the most comfortable and quick, being always safe and enjoyable at the same time!

Furthermore, the drivers are almost always local and know Corfu better than anyone. So they can recommend, as only a local knows, which are the best places to swim, which dishes you should definitely try, where is the most enchanting sunset, etc.).

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If you have already visited Corfu, we will be happy if you write us your impressions! If not, the time has probably come!