Tour Duration: 5 Hours

The first stop is the village of Pelekas in the center of Corfu. There you will find the observatory of Kaizer  William II and you will admire the view of  East and West Corfu.

 Then we will visit Achilleo. Empress Elisabeth of Austria lived there, who, due to her sensitive health, asked for the building of the mansion, naming it after Achilleo, as she was a fan of Greek mythology.

Then we head to the Kanoni area, where the panoramic view will surely enchant you. On the way you will find the famous church of Agia Vlaherena which you can visit and photograph.

From Kanoni we will visit the house of Prince Philip also known as Mon Repo with its magnificent gardens.

Our last stop will be in the cosmopolitan Liston Square, in the old town, where you will have the opportunity to see how different and special it is. You will enjoy your coffee with the view of the old fortess, which has always been a symbol of the city.

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Tour Locations


Corfu has a village called Pelekas. It is situated on the southwest side of the island, 12 kilometers from the capital, at an altitude of roughly 270 meters. It is a quaint, green community well known for its beautiful sunsets. It is close to the Glyfada and Kontogialos beaches. It belonged to the municipality of Parelia and had 569 residents as of the 2001 census. The Kaiser observatory, a well-known sight, is located at the top of the village.


Achillio Palace was occupied, used for other purposes, and looted during World Wars I and II. The famous Sissi, the German Kaiser William II, and the Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary vacationed there. Elizabeth created it so she could go there and forget her suffering.


It is only a short distance from Corfu Airport, and many tourists are drawn by the view it offers. The Halikiopoulos lagoon, which is still a habitat in the area and hosts significant bird species[1], is located close to the scattered houses and farms as you enter Kanoni (from the Palaiopolis area). As we ascend the hill toward the peninsula’s tip, we pass opulent hotels before arriving at Kanoni’s central square, which is lined with bars and cafes. From therAs we descend the hill, we come across Panagia ton Vlacherna Monastery, from which we can take a boat to Pontikonissi. The visitor then comes across the footbridge that links Kanoni with Perama at the opposite end of the lagoon. Due to the airport’s proximity and the fact that planes frequently land and take off directly over the footbridge, the bridge draws a lot of plane spotters.e, one can enjoy the view of Pontikonissi and the airport.

Mon Repo

Immersed in lush parkland, Mon Repo is one of the most important monuments in the area. It was constructed in the 18th century by English commissioner of the Ionian Islands, Frederick Adam, and later donated to King George I. It was later used as a royal summer residence until 1967 when it was given over to the Municipality of Corfu. Today it houses the Paleopolis Museum.

Corfu Town

The old Corfu town, which was originally constructed between two fortresses, has grown with high buildings as a result of the growing population. When you arrive by ferry, the sea’s humidity conceals it, only to suddenly reveal the old harbor. The ancient streets, which look like those of Venice and Athens’ Plaka and are full of cobblestones and historic buildings, present an incredible atmosphere for walking around and shopping or just enjoying some coffee at  one of the many squares in this beautiful place.

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